Unified Butterfly Recorder 4

May1614 Senior Design Project

Purpose of UBR Application

Our goal for this project is to deliver a fully working iOS application compatible with Apple devices running iOS 8.0 or newer, with network connectivity. The app will be an updated, Apple version of the Android Unified Butterfly Recorder App, http://www.reimangardens.com/collections/insects/unified-butterfly-recorder-app/ with help from user feedback on the Android UBR App. As with many Apple apps, we want to make the iOS UBR App to be a beautiful as possible, and give it the “Apple” look and feel. There are tutorials and plenty of App Store examples of what an iOS 8 app should look like. One of our primary concerns while working on this project is to get a simple Beta version out before the last day of the Fall Semester, which would allow for the staff at Reiman Gardens to start testing and giving us feedback on the look and feel of the application in regards to the existing Android one.